Let Love come into your heart..

Don’t be afraid… Love is with you and reaching for your hand, let Love embrace you. What is Love? A feeling? An action? Love isn’t pink hearts and fairy dust or “love at first sight”, it’s not the feel-good chills of a happily-ever-after story… Don’t worry, that’s kind of what we assume love to be… But Love is more. Once you meet true Love you’ll know it… I don’t mean Prince Charming though. When you are truly in love, have truly met Love, the King of your heart, it’s not something to easily go tell your friends about-just look at me, I can’t even describe it to you now. Love changed my life in a way I thought would be impossible. I was sitting on the floor before my Eucharistic Lord. An empty, broken heart that felt so alone. A hundred teens around me, some of my closest friends, yet I felt alone and abandoned. A heart so broken and confused that felt as if there was nothing left… Just wanting to be loved… To feel loved. “I’m broken and alone! I’m scared! Jesus I know you love me but I don’t feel it! Jesus, let me feel loved by you!” that’s when I let myself truly know Love… He was searching for me, he desired me but it was I who didn’t truly let Love in. Love entered my heart and I felt true Love for the first time, overflowing in me through tears of happiness and safety.Its like I have a new heart, a pure and real one. Its like my whole life is new. A heart that’s so embraced by Love that I cannot even fall asleep at night… I am Loved, by pure Love Himself.

Don’t let Love seek you out any longer… Look for Love and let Him embrace you in your brokenness. “O Jesus, my Love, hold my hand in yours so that I might always be with you.”


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