Why did I start a blog?

Well, I guess if we’re being completly honest, many of us know that feeling of “oh my gosh! It would be so cool if I had my own blog! I could become a writer and photographer… blah, blah.. awesomeness.. etc.” but that’s not what made me take the leap to actually start one. The desicion to start this thing was actually very spur of the moment… on my Grandma’s couch(with a pint of chocolate ice cream, of course). It was one of those Holy Spirit moments where He’s like “Hey, you should do this really random thing, right now, before you forget. I know you’ve never had a real desire to before, but my plans always turn out splended, so jump to it!” 
I’m going into my junior year in high school and the Catholic Faith is by far the most important aspect of my life. The Church is the pilar of my beliefs and my refuge whenever I’m struggling. 
Through this blog I hope to share that burning desire for Christ that is in my soul. I want all my brothers and sisters in Christ to share in that desire and find the Love of God through our beautiful Catholic Faith! 

The lives of the Saints are so inspiring because they are our brothers and sisters who have, with God’s grace, won the battle and are in the eternal glory of heaven! Through their stories we learn the real struggles that we will often face and the “Holy challenge” of getting through them. 
Join me on this path to sainthood, this heaven-bound journey; it won’t be comfortable, but it will bring you to greatness in the glory of God. 
“The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” -Pope Benedict XVI
“Living by faith includes the call to something greater than cowardly self-preservation.”- J.R.R Tolkien
My saintly brothers and sisters, pray for us, that we might become holy saints by your side, as servents of our King. 
God bless, you guys!


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