Surrender to the Lord

Trying to walk through and figure out life without surrendering to the Lord is like being in a mansion, a maze more like; of many rooms, each with locked doors. Unsure which way to walk and through what doors to go. Constantly pulling on doors until you find an open one, stressed by the amount of “dead-end rooms” without another door to open. Looking forward to just the right room, the room to satisfy all your longings and desires. Searching for the Lord’s great will for your life, your vocation. Worried about where you’ll end up or how long it will take you to get there. Even stressed with the fear of choosing the wrong path. Continuing with much haste, missing out on little details; a flower vase here or a painting there. 
Walking though life and discernment of vocation without submission to God’s beautiful will is not easy, you will not have an easy burden and each turn you take will lead down a dark hallway with no aid to help you know where to go… there may even be a steep staircase involved. 

When I’ve surrendered to the Lord’s will, all is well with my soul. His burden is oh so light upon my shoulders. 

Where you are is the same, a mansion with many halls, but the Lord unlocks its doors and gives you peace even in the darkness. There is no magical pathway that appears, no direct route forward, life simply becomes a love affair between you and the Lord. 
When your soul is given to the Lord He directs you gently and quietly, each moment at its own time. The “long run goal” in your life become only one thing, Love. To take each step with great love, for Love alone. To love with your life and do as Love commands of you. Careers become only a part of the moments you walk though. 

To be at peace in His will means a true focus on what actually matters. To live in the moment and go where He leads you. To not walk on your own but only take “the next step” when He wills you to. When you are the Lord’s you must hold nothing back from Him. You will see through many open doors, into rooms of splendor and comfort, and rooms that are quite gray and dingy. But there in no decision to make. He leads you through the perfect way, the way that’s not always full of “splendor”, but even in the darkness and discomfort of some rooms, your heart is full of joy in His peace. 

Because I trust in my Beloved I have nothing to fear and I hand my own will over to Him. To “plan ahead” in life is nearly impossible, and to know His plan for my future is not within my reach. He is my Beloved so I trust in Him. I do not know where I’ll be next week or even in 5 years, but I can laugh without fear of the future because my Beloved holds me along the way. “Night holds no terror for me sleeping under God’s wing” nor could the coming days cause me the stress of a storm. 

I am my Beloved’s…


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