Netflix will be releasing their new show Big Mouth on September 29th. This is a disgusting cartoon “telling the story of puberty”. The show’s sexual depictions of its underage characters are arguably examples of underage pornography, and they should not be shown anywhere, much less a mainstream website such as Netflix. This series is a sad example of how far the entertainment industry has fallen from respecting basic decency. Netflix has released many shows that fall far from respect of human life; but this show must be the time when we, as people who still have moral beliefs, to stop supporting them in this. If you’re like me and so many people out there who have Netflix; then we are paying for these films(Netflix Originals) to be produced! Is this what we want our money going towards? I’m asking you, as your sister in Christ, don’t let Netflix pollute itself like this! Pass this on to your family/friends and speak up against this show. Look up and sign the petition to stop this show. Contact Netflix on your own and tell them how disgusted you are by this and that you will not support them in this and will CLOSE your account if they produce and release vulgar shows like Big Mouth! Think.. Do you really want to be allowing this? Or in reality, PAYING for this?? 


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