Though the darkness shall fall…

Do not be afraid..Though the things of this world shall fade away and be no more, though the darkness shall fall and cut through your day and bing you to tears in the night; all shall be well. 

Do not dispare, amen I say to you, there is Hope and you mustn’t refuse it.. 

There is a great beauty that a soul shall experience; rich blossoms of love in the soul as if it were a perfect spring, bearing much fruit. 

Oh how the soul longs to stay there forever. With every breath she takes she feels the Love of her God showering grace down upon her. But I tell you, my loves, the seemingly dark and cold winters are not in anyway a punishment for our sins, our God did not love us more in the “spring” and now we must endure His wrath due to His hardness of heart. We mustn’t feel the cold and weep because we have grown distant from our God, we must feel the cold approach us and recall the warmth that Love wrapped around us in the beautiful springtime. 

The soul must know that her God loves her abundantly; past, present and future, He is a Love that will not let her go!

My brothers and sisters, how could we allow ourselves to be saddened? We have been baptized into a beautiful life, the life of Christ! Oh I say to you, a Catholic shall have many sorrows, but never must a Catholic become saddened due to unhappiness or regrets.


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